Lee Smith – Motivational Speaker – Life Coach – Bodybuilder – Arm Wrestler

Lee Smith – Motivational Speaker – Life Coach – Bodybuilder – Arm Wrestler

16 Years ago Lee was shot by armed men breaking into the guesthouse where he was staying. That day, they did not only put him in a wheelchair and made him a paraplegic, but they also stripped him of a bright future being the promising athlete and sports enthusiast that he displayed from a young age.

The attackers shot Lee in his side where the bullet penetrated his lung and ended up in his spinal cord. While fighting for his life in hospital his family was told that he has no chance of making this out alive. Although medically this was hard to explain, Lee showed signs of life and he pulled through. This was the 1st step in his new journey. Being confined to a wheelchair has had an enormous impact on him having a normal life. The injury to his T10 spinal cord left him with no movement in his legs.

Lee is a living example that being disabled does not mean one should go and sit in ashes and feel sorry for yourself.Lee has proven this time and time again. It is possible to be the best you can be, no matter the circumstances.

Lee’s spirit has not been broken by all this and over the past 16 years he became a wheelchair bodybuilder and very recently participated in the Arnold Classic Strict Arm Curl for disabled and has set a world records in his class. He is also the holder of SA’s Disabled Arm Wrestling Championship from 2010 to 2016 and wants to be the number 1 in the world for left and right arm athletes.

Why you may ask are you being told this man’s life story? Lee is also a motivational speaker and he wants to show other disabled people that if he can do it, so can they.



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